No White Saviors Podcast

Transracial Adoption w/ Elli Bonin

March 24, 2021 No White Saviors Season 1 Episode 11
No White Saviors Podcast
Transracial Adoption w/ Elli Bonin
Show Notes

Today's guest episode is on transracial adoption with our dear guest Elli Bonin.  Elli is a Black transracial Adoptee from The Gambia who was raised and is based in Germany. She left The Gambia when she was 9 months old and was adopted by a white family. Growing up she explains that she struggled a lot with her adoption and the anti-Black racism which would later lead her to connect with other BIPOC who have been adopted into white families. Elli uses her Instagram platform as a space to empower, educate and share my journey to connect with other TRA (transracial adoptees). Elli is currently studying at university while expanding her activism work, as well as focusing on a deeper understanding of her Blackness and adoptive identity. 

 You can read more about Elli's work here

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